About Cowellmedi

The Pioneers inDental Implant & E.rhBMP-2

Beginning with the localization of dental implants for the first time in South Korea, Cowellmedi will grow to lead the biomedical industry with its rhBMP-2 fusion technology.

Cowellmedi Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and seller of dental implants in South Korea in 1994. The company first developed and localized dental implants in South Korea in 1994.
When most dental implant products in Korea were foreign brands, with passion and commitment to develop better products, Cowellmedi completed the application of various domestic and foreign patents and has became a company that attracts attention in in the global implant market.
Major products are dental implants, dental instruments and dental bone graft materials etc. Cowellmedi exports FDA-approved and CE-certified products to about 60 countries in the world.

New technology development and quality innovation continue to progress.
INNO implants made of state-of-art technologies are currently attracting attention from the dental community, and the rhBMP-2-coated bone graft has been first developed in South Korea.

Cowellmedi will continue to do the best to satisfy with the finest quality products through continuous research.

Dr. Soohong Kim D.D.S. Ph.D CEO of Cowellmedi Co., Ltd.