Tissue Engineering Institute for Growth Factor

Tissue Engineering Institute for Growth Factors

It is the goal of COWELLMEDI Tissue Engineering Institute for Growth Factors
to develop technology that can completely restore the
nature-look gingiva.

As the first South Korean Dental Implant enterprise that grafted Recombinant Human Bone
Morphogenetic Protein(rhBMP-2) to dental implant, COWELLMEDI has been leading the era
of next-generation bio-convergence implants.

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What is COWELLMEDI rhBMP-2?Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2

What happens when the stem cells and BMP-2 are combined?


BMP-2 is human growth factor(protein) which pediatric can self-produce but adults are disabled to produce by themselves.
Therefore, when genetically engineered rhBMP-2 is injected into defective gingiva tissue and bone,
it simulates stem cells in the body and quickly grows into bone and gum tissue.

The procedure of rhBMP-2 growth factor how to grow into bone

  • Stem cells BMP-2 attached
    grows into bone cells.
  • BMP-2 attached stem cells
    grows into bone cells.
  • Nutrition and blood vessels are
    formed for bone regeneration.
  • The strong bone
    tissue is formed.

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