The Superiority of COWELLMEDI Implant

Ideal implant developed with
know-how accumulated from 20 years of research

the symbolic product of COWELLMEDI, which succeeded
in localizing for the first time in South Korea. It is the
product with an internationally proven quality and safety
developed with know-how accumulated for 20 years of
research. And it increases the completeness of the
implant procedure with the state-of-art biocompatible
surface treatment (SLA-SH®).

  • USFDA Certification
  • European Quality
  • ISO 13485 Certification
  • Ministry of Food and
    Drugs Safety Certification

Thorough Quality Management and Systematic Process Management

The product received international approval for its safety and quality management by system by obtaining
CE, FDA, ISO 13485 and MFDS Certification with scientific and systematic process management.

  • CNC Machining
  • Surface Treatment
  • Inspection
  • Cleansing
  • Packing/Sterilization
  • Shipping Warehouse

Outstanding Osseointegration Surface Treatment Technique :
SLA-SH®(Sandblasted, Large-grit, Acid-etched and Super-Hydrophilised)

The even and precise acid etching process evenly forms macropores
and micropores overall, which enables fast and strong osseointegration.

Surface SEM Photo
& 3D Roughness Measurement Results

The completeness of acid etching is very high
and the surface roughness is evenly distributed.
(Average roughness value : 1.85㎛)

Surface Activity Increased
with Enhanced Surface Wetness

After alkaline cleaning, the product becomes
extremely hydrophilic and capable of fast
osseointegration as its increased surface energy
makes it more advantageous for bone cell

Excellent Design Optimized
for the Patients’ Intraoral Structure

INNO Implant is favorably designed for the
patients’ diverse clinical cases, including tooth
extraction, instant implant placement, maxillary sinus,
immediate loading and placement depth adjustment.