Experience the Difference of COWELL® Implant System!

Cowellmedi / 2020-11-06


Experience the Difference of COWELL® Implant System! 



The application range, success rate, long-term stability and peri-implantitis occurrence vary depending on the product. And an important factor that determines the success of a  procedure is how stable the 'osseointegration' is. Osseointegration is highly linked to the surface of dental implant. 

Recently, there have been an article on the internet that AI2O3 particle were found on the surface of one of the major dental implant brand's fixture. AI2O3 particles are deeply linked with Alzheimer's disease. These nanoparticles broken off when the fixture is screwed in a bone and migrate with the bloodstream to human brain. More importantly, the company is aware of this dangerous problem but does nothing.

Therefore, we studied to investigate the surface characteristics of comemercially available implants. 15 different implant and 11 manufacturers were under examined. The below table shows the result of Energy Disperse X-ray(EDAX) in atomic percentage.

제목 없음.jpg


Reference : Soyun Kim, Myungho Hyun, Evaluation on Topography, Surface Chemical Composition, and Hydrophilicity of Fifteen Commercially Available Implant Systems, REID (Research and Education in Implant Dentistry) : Vol. 3, August, 2020. 


As seen in the table, COWELLMEDI INNO Implant is the pure and clean implant, free of contaminated particles.