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30 APRIL 2021
InnoGenic™ Wifi-Mesh
Connect to new world, be a GBR Master

Wifi-Meshcan meet all your needs in the daily practice!

The points why you need to try on

• Bio-compatible and very easy to manipulate
• Flexible and compliant in order to avoid perforation of overlying soft tissues
• Stiff enough to resist collapse into the underlying defect
• With sufficient density to resist passage of unwanted cells and bacteria, yet allow the passage of oxygen and small molecules
• Bio-inert and user friendly
• Easy to cut, trim and fit precisely over the defect
• Dense enough to resist infection if exposed to the oral cavity 
• Easily removable unlike the existed non-resorbable membranes that manytimes create some problems during the second surgery, because they are attached to the new bone and often they break during removal

Unique Feature

• Non-resorbable : Made of 100% non-resorbable material for users to modulate healing period. 
• Thickness: 0.25mm. 
• Non-porous (0.0 μm) + Open Membrane Sheet Technique : Prevention of infection or other possible defects causedfrom passage or integration of bacteria through porosity of plaster and it even allows to apply Open Membrane Sheet Technique.
• Prevention of Displacement : Not only being sutured along with gingiva. 
but also using InnoGenic™ GBR Kit insertedand fixed into the hole of titanium frame
(Titanium Alloy Grade 2) allows displacement of the products. 
• Easy to be Customized : Easy to modify the shape according to shape and dimension of the defect. 
• Easy to be Removed : Put a hook in the hole of the titanium frame of the InnoGenic™ Wifi-Mesh.
• Outstanding space maintenance. 
• CE Approval.
• Safety: safe for more than 6 weeks. 

Clinical Case

Immediate implant placement & Minimallyinvasive horizontal 
ridge augmentation by Dr.Hoyeol Jang

 - 70-year-old, Male

 -  Crown-root fxf. & Periapical cyst
 -  Root fracture of #21

 1. Immediate placement
 2. Ridge augmentation 

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