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07 May 2021
InnoFit Lodestar Plus Kit
The easiest and simplest way to get experiencein digitally guided system 

InnoFit Lodestar Plus Kit shows

A total guided surgery solution applicable to various types of clinical cases
Exclusive for the INNO Submerged and Submerged Narrow Implant System
A digitally customized guided implant treatment using a guide template created with a digital treatment plan established through 3D diagnosis and computer simulation
Advantages and Benefits of Digitally Guided Implant Surgery Using InnoFit Lodestar Plus Kit

*Cost-effective : Quality guided surgery can be performed at affordable price
*Speedy : Protocol shortens chair time
*Safety :No Bone heating as drill speed can be easily adjusted
*Precise : Double contact of drill & sleeve allows more precise drilling
*Unique V Anchor system : Increase your work accuracy
*Reduce interspace between the surgical guide template and gingiva
*Minimize movement of being pushed or twisted to the side

See More Benefits
to Dentist
1. Increased predictability and stability Treatment plan through preoperative 3D virtual surgery can secure high stability and predictability of implant surgery.
2. Pre-production of temporary prostheses Allows pre-production of final or temporary prostheses, etc. during the implant planning phase.
3. Dental marketing Guided procedures not only make the patient comfortable and safe, but also reduce the chair time and the number of visits by the patient, thereby increasing the dental profit rate to differentiate and competitive the dentist.
to Patient
1. Comfortable treatment, the procedure can be performed with minimal flapless to minimize pain, swelling, bleeding and bone loss.
2. Accurate and safe treatment Precise understanding of the patient’s bone condition and nerve structure ensures safe implant surgery.
3. Fast cure Guided surgery enables quick surgery, greatly reducing patient discomfort by reducing the operation time, and returning to daily life with quick recovery.
4. Reduction in the number of dental visits All procedure preparations are done in advance, and the prosthesis can also be pre-fabricated, allowing the patient to achieve satisfactory procedure with a minimum number of visits.
Benefits of using the V Anchor System
    Reduce interspace between the surgical guide                        template and gingiva
  Minimize movement of being pushed or twisted 
                           to the side
Clinical Application by Dr. Soohong Kim, DDS, PhD
Multiple implant placement in the maxilla by digitally guided surgery and immediate loading with provisional restorations

1. Buccal bone graft with fixture placement in the anterior teeth using a surgical guide template.
2. Immediate fixture placement in the posterior teeth after the guided surgery

Implant was placed successfully and easily as designed by digital planning 
with high accuracy.

[Treatment Plan]
InnoFit Lodestar Plus Kit, Edentulous Surgery (Guide with V Anchors)
Demonstration of Guided Surgery Procedure, drilling protocol and implant placement

InnoFit Lodestar Kit, Edentulous Surgery (Guide with Anchors)
Demonstration of Guided Surgery Procedure, drilling protocol and implant placement

InnoFit Lodestar Plus Kit
[Exclusive for the INNO Implant System]
InnoFit Lodestar Kit
[Universal to any implant system]
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