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Straight-tapered outline form
The straight portion is for primarystress-bearing and the apical tapered potion is for anchoring to the socket andbone.
Buttress threads
Distribute well functional force and preventthe focal concentration of stress in the thread and bone (Ramesh Chowdhary etal. 2013).
Open threaded platform
Helps withstable engraftment of periosteum in the boundary surface of bone and implantand prevents possible infections around the implant.
Wide and deep upper threads
Maximize boneto implant contact area and prevent the compressive necrosis of the corticalbone as well as enhance mechanical strength.
Double threads
Secure higherprimary stability through  wedge actionseven with an additional half turn and shorten the placement time.
Round apex with cutting edges
Allow forsmooth placement butstrongstability and prevent perforation of Schneiderianmembrane located in the maxillary sinus.
4 Spiral round cutting edges
Maximallyaccommodate bone chips as ideal cutting edge pocket space and optimize theefficiency of self-tapping with sharp edges.
Internaltaperedhex connection
Yields asound,stable,self-locking interface
and offersdeep lateral loading distribution (Int J OralMaxillofacImplants 2000;15:76–94).

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