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22 JANUARY 2021

A novel 3D augmentation with Wifi-Mesh :
You can make a new bone!

Join us for COWELLIVE WEBINAR with Dr. Hoyeol Jang next Friday! This webinar will focus on the bone graft technique using non-resorbable barrier membranes and the effects of InnoGenic™ Wifi-Mesh.

Date : 29 January 2021, Friday
Time :
  • 07:30 UTC-3
  • 10:30 UTC+0
  • 16:00 UTC +5:30
  • 19:30 UTC+9
Inquiry : or by Whatsapp +82 10 9725 0921

*  Notice : A pre-recorded lecture will be live streamed on COWELLMEDI YouTube  channel. Please subscribe our channel ahead!  

CE Mark approved InnoGenic™ Wifi-Mesh

The Wifi-Mesh is a CE marked non-resorbable barrier membrane to be applied over intraoral defects. The Wifi-Mesh is reinforced with a titanium frame, Titanium Alloy Grade 2, ASTM F 67, originating from the U.S, embedded between 2 layers of 100% PTFE sheet which is biologically inactive and tissue compatible materials.


a. High predictability of results : The transparent PTFE membrane allows the healing process of the underlying tissue to be identified, making it highly predictable and easy to determine removal time.

b. Prevention of infection : The non-porous and smooth surface prevents bacterial penetration and even it allows users to perform open sheet membrane technique.

c. Superb shape retentivity : The reinforced titanium frame is easy to bed shaped and maintain superb shape retentivity.

d.Healing Period Control : The Wifi-Mesh is made of 100% non-resorbable material so that users can control the healing period.

e. Easy to remove and fix : The hole in the center allows easy removal and fixation with such fixing and tenting screws contained in InnoGenic™ GBR Kit.

f. Various shapes and sizes : Available in a variety of shapes and sizes for optimal application.
InnoGenic™ Wifi-Mesh Clinical Cases 
InnoGenic Wifi-Mesh with INNO Oss™ Allo graft

Patient information
  • Patient : 53 years old female
  • Medical history : N/S

  • Periodontitis with local osteomyelitis of #45, 47

Treatment Plan
  • Socket bone graft and staged implant placement.
  • COWELL®BMP and INNO OSS™ Allo graft with InnoGenic Wifi-Mesh.
  • Collagen plug on InnoGenic Wifi-Mesh for gingival thickening.
  • 4 months healing period for implant placement.
  • 3 months healing period for osseointegration.

  • InnoGenic Wifi-Mesh has induced the inner periosteal pseudo-membrane on graft site and the outer buccal flap.
  • Outer buccal flap could be sutured on the inner pseudo-membrane for apically repositioned flap(ARF).

InnoGenic™ Wifi-Mesh Animated Video

InnoGenic™ Wifi-Mesh Catalog

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