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AO4 Surgical Stent


  • Guide the position of Implant and Drill.
  • Guide the position of the implant and drill during implant placement.
  • It improves the stability and accuracy in surgery, and it can shorten the time.
  • By preventing the loss of healthy gums as much as possible, pre-fabricated prostheses can be placed immediately after surgery without the need for gum restoration.
  • Angled line allows more precise and predictable surgery.
Eligible for
  • A toothless patient.
  • Patient who do not want long-period of surgery.
  • Patients suffering from adult diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.
  • Patients who need precise implant treatment.


  • Place the AO4 Surgical Stent
  • - Make an incision for flap lift.
    - Place the AO4 Surgical Stent using Ø2mm Twist Drill.

    * it is needed to check the position of mental foramen.

  • Place the INNO Fixture
  • - Drill with reference to the angled line and place the fixture.

  • Place the Multi S&A Abutment
  • - After placing the INNO fixture,
    connect the Multi S&A Abutment according to the site.

    * Posterior site : Place the Multi A abutment (30°) with 30 torque force.
    * Anterior site : Place the Multi A abutment (15°) or the Multi S abutment with
    15 torque force (it is possible to allow emergence of the prosthetic screw).

  • or
  • Placement Lock Abutment
  • - After placing the INNO Fixture, connect Lock Abutment according to the site

    * If implant placement at an angle is not appropriate or not desired,
    using the INNO Sub. Short Implant is highly recommended.

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