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28 JANUARY 2021
A novel 3D augmentation with Wifi-Mesh : You can make a new bone!

Are you interested in 3D augmentation and non-resorbable barrier membranes? This is your last chance to catch up on Dr. Hoyeol Jang's webinar tomorrow!

Date : 29 January 2021, Friday 
Time : 
  • 07:30 UTC-3 
  • 10:30 UTC+0 
  • 16:00 UTC +5:30 
  • 19:30 UTC+9

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CE Mark approved InnoGenic™ Wifi-Mesh

The Wifi-Mesh is a CE marked non-resorbable barrier membrane to be applied over intraoral defects. The Wifi-Mesh is reinforced with a titanium frame, Titanium Alloy Grade 2, ASTM F 67, originating from the U.S, embedded between 2 layers of 100% PTFE sheet which is biologically inactive and tissue compatible materials.

Comparison to different types of Non-resorbable membranes

Comparison to similar types of Non-resorbable membranes

InnoGenic™ Wifi-Mesh Clinical Cases 
InnoGenic Wifi-Mesh coverage and simultaneous INNO Short implant placements

Patient information
  • Patient : 55 years old female
  • Medical history : N/S

  • Buccal dehiscent defect of #36, 37

Treatment Plan
  • Bone graft on buccal dehiscent defect of #36, 37 implants.
  • InnoGenic Wifi-Mesh coverage on buccal bone graft.
  • 6 weeks healing period for 2nd surgery.
  • 8 weeks loading after implant placement.

  • BMP coated implant shortens healing period and bone regeneration to a half of conventional 3 months.
  • InnoGenic™ Wifi-Mesh coverage maintains the space of bone particles graft during healing period.
  • SFIT Ti-Base has advantages of no cementation with crowns.

InnoGenic™ Wifi-Mesh Animated Video

InnoGenic™ Wifi-Mesh Catalog

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