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InnoFit® Lodestar Plus Kit


  • A total guided surgery solution applicable to various types of clinical cases.
  • Exclusive for the INNO Submerged and Submerged Narrow Implant System.


Preparation before Operation

Disinfection of surgical guide template

Disinfection must be done before the operation. Immerse the surgical guide template into the alcohol and chlorhexidine solution in a ratio of 9:1 or disinfection fluids such as CidexOPA, betadine, etc. for more than 20 minutes. Then rinse with the saline solution and install in patient’s oral cavity.

Installation of surgical guide template

• Check if inward of surgical guide and outward of teeth are accurately contacted through the windows of mounted surgical guide template. In case of insufficient scan data, delete and adjust the inner side of the surgical guide template to contact precisely.
• Install the surgical guide template while scanning CT to check implantation path and precision before the operation (Implantation path may also be checked in post operation by scanning CT with installation of the surgical guide template).

Verification of dental implant

Check if marked dental implant is in the surgical report.

Confirmation of protocol

Confirm the surgical report and surgical protocol for the last time.

Comprehension and Usage of Offset

  • The basic length from the fixture platform to the top of the Sleeve is 9mm.
  • In case that gingival is thick or fixture needs to be placed deeper due to low bone density, use the Sleeve 2 or 4mm upright to the top.
  • The higher offset value, the less accurate it will be, so use 9 mm if possible.

Drill Sequence

Drilling method
  • Make sure with drilling in a desired direction without a change in path through the primary drill contact (A) with the hole created by the previous drilling and the secondary contact (B) with the sleeve.
  • Create the hole using the initial drill and insert the next drill into the hole made during the previous step and drill after achieving the drill and sleeve contact (A&B).
  • If drilling only with the sleeve contact (B) without the drill contact (A), the path may not be correct.
* Precaution when irrigating
  • Irrigate enough to the end of the drill hole.
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