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MFS KITMulti Functional Sinus [KHA001]

- A comprehensive kit to approach direct & indirect maxillary sinus lift simply.

Crestal Approach - Components

1. Point Drill 800~1,000rpm
  • Use to mark the point of perforation on cortical bone.
  • In the case of the remaining bone height is as low as 3.5mm, pay more attention when drilling.

2. 2.2 Twist Drill 800~1,000rpm
  • Use for making guide hole before using the Crestal Drill.
  • Connect the Crestal Drill Stopper according to the height of the remaining bone.

3.Crestal Drill 400~800rpm
  • Use the Crestal Drill sequentially according to the diameter of the fixture to be placed.
  • Can also be used if sinus floor is flat, incline, septum.
  • The Crestal Drill can be used about 50 times (depending on bone quality).

4.Crestal Drill Stopper
  • Connected with a stopper to be drilled to the same length of
    the cartilage height of maxillary sinus which is measured by CT.
  • If not equipped with CT, fasten the stopper one step
    lower than expected and gradually increase the length.

5.Depth Gauge
  • Measure thickness of the residual bone after checking the perforation of the cartilage of the maxillary sinus (do not open completely, only the entrance side should be opened).
  • The stopper is attached to the base of the residual bone
    to separate the cartilage and membrane from the maxillary sinus.

6.Aqua Membrane Lifter System
  • After confirming that elevation of the cartilage of maxillary sinus,
    elevate membrane with Aqua Membrane Lifter system.
  1. ① Fasten Aqua Lifter Drill to the drill hole.
  2. ② Connect Aqua Tube to syringe using Aqua Tube to Syringe using Syringe Connector (SC).
  3. ③ Inject saline solution equal to the amount of bone graft
    material to be used for syringe.
  4. ④ Tube connection to Aqua Lifter Drill using Ratchet Connector (RC).
  5. ⑤ Inject Saline solution.

  • Aqua Lifter
  • Aqua Ratchet Connector
  • Aqua Syringe Connector
  • Aqua Tube
7.Torque Wrench
  • Use the Torque Wrench to fix Aqua Lifter Drill in the hole formed using Crestal Drill.
8. Bone Carrier
  • Insert bone graft material using Bone Carrier.
9. Bone Condenser
  • After connecting stopper with Bone Condenser,
    elevate bone graft materials to inside of maxillary sinus.
  • Rotate bone graft material using Bone Condenser to disperse bone
    graft material (possible to do it with Depth Gauge).
10. Implant Drill(Final)
  • Drilling 1~2mm more deeply than steps of Crestal Drill.

11. Implant Placement
  • If the residual bone is less than 3mm, do not implant the fixture, but bone graft only.

Crestal Approach - Drill Sequence

  • Placing implant over Ø4.0 is highly recommended.
1. Ø3.3 Narrow Fixture
2. Ø3.5(Ø3.7) Fixture
3. Ø4.0 Fixture
4. Ø4.5 Fixture
  • ※ Ø5.0 Fixture Normal Bone : Drilling with the Final Drill before placing implants are required.
  • ※ Use a drill that is one step shorter than the implant (Ex. 10mm implant, 8 ~ 9mm Drill).

Lateral Approach - Components

1. Ø6 Lateral Reamer 800~1,000rpm
  • Drill after fastening the stopper according to the height of the bone.
  • Round shape to prevent membrane perforation.

2. Ø6 Lateral Round Drill 800~1,000rpm
  • Drill after fastening the stopper according to the height of the bone.
  • Round shaped edge.
  • The residual bone should be replaced in the original position after drilling, sinus lifting & augmentation.

3. Lateral Stopper

4. Sinus Elevator

CSE-01 : Initial elevation of Sinus Membrane.

CSE-02 : as stepwise, after using CSE-01, used for elevation of sinus membrane.

CSE-03 : as stepwise, after using CSE-02, used for elevation of sinus membrane.

5. Ø4 Side Cutter 800~1,000rpm
  • When you expand window, must be connect with Stopper.
6. Sinus Bone Graft
7. Implant Drill (final)
8. Implant Placement
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